Match Em


Match Em is a fun but sometimes frustrating game where all you have to do is find matching items.

During gameplay, there are two rows of pictures and images. There are five pictures and three words in each row.

The first row and second row will have exactly one item that matches. It might be two words, two pictures, or one word and one picture. Find the match, and click on one of the items. You must find 10 matches to complete the game. Find the matches as quickly as possible. There is a 3 second penalty for incorrect clicks. Click 'Skip' if you just can't find the match and want to try again. There is a 1 second penalty for each one skipped.

Match Em screenshot



Browser (WebGL)

The WebGL version can be played here. This is a non-mobile browser version.


The Windows version can be downloaded here. Unzip (extract all) this file, and execute MatchEm.exe; no installation is required.

Mac (OSX)

The Mac (OSX) version can be downloaded here.


The Linux version can be downloaded here.